How is Dahn Yoga different from other types of yoga?

This question seems to be a very popular one among people who are interested in exploring Dahn Yoga a little more deeply. Here is my two cents on this matter.

Dahn Yoga is more than just yoga and is often described as a “holistic health management program.” It’s an energy training program based on ancient Korean energy principles to help to bring your body, mind and spirit together, so that you can experience and live your life fully as a whole person. A good way to look at the practice is not focusing so much on the yoga — yoga is just a part of the program. There are various energy training methods offered — the yoga classes being the most accessible and also very foundational — including breathing techniques, meditation, brain respiration, martial arts, drumming, dancing, energy healing, and many other forms. You can choose from this array of possibilities according to your needs to develop your true sense of self and recover your original state of health in body, happiness in mind and peace in spirit.

Please feel free to share your definition of Dahn Yoga! :)

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  1. Yes it really different… I hope everyone can enjoy the holistic benefits of dahn yoga.. with open mind, open brain.

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