Dahn Yoga could offer the focus needed to excel in online learning

It takes a lot to study online

It takes a lot to study online

Although online education has grown in popularity over the years, it sometimes takes a special kind of student to fully immerse her or himself into the program. Virtual learning takes self-discipline, it may be a good idea for individuals to practice Dahn Yoga in an effort to clear their minds and achieve a sense of focus.

The New England College of Business (NECB) announced that it will offer new concentrations to its online curriculum in order to meet the needs of students who are looking to study online but do not see a program that interests them.

The new online bachelor's degrees that are offered by the school include majors such as healthcare administration, internet marketing, entrepreneurship, human resources management, information technology management, supply chain management as well as specializations in green and sustainable studies.

Additionally, those who are looking to go back to school for a graduate degree but need an online option to fit their schedule can now attain a master's in healthcare administration or insurance through the school.

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