Forrest Gump’s positive attitude helps overcome obstacles

Forrest Gump is inspirational.

Forrest Gump is inspirational.

Forrest Gump may have a low IQ, but he is every bit the hero and inspirational character in the eponymous film, which garnered multiple awards for lead actor Tom Hanks. Dahn yoga lovers interested in stories of personal development and life changes will surely find this classic film an inspiration and celebration of life’s unpredictability.

Forrest is raised by his loving mother, who owns a bed and breakfast in the South. Everyone know that Forrest is different. He wears metal braces to fix his crooked legs and he isn’t as smart as the other kids. However, Forrest makes friends with a little girl named Jenny and together they spend their time in a tree overlooking the fields.

When Forrest grows up, he earns a football scholarship despite his below-average intelligence. This is because Forrest, having had his legs straightened, has a natural gift for running. In fact, he runs like the wind. This comes into use when Forrest ends up in the army fighting in Vietnam as well. The many adventures of Forrest Gump takes him to Asia, Washington D.C. and across the United States. One of the most famous lines in this inspirational movie is when Gump says, “Jenny, I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is.”


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