Jun 11

Inmates learn responsibility, coping strategies with yoga

Yoga, at least the kind that comprises the Dahn Yoga basics, is as much a community experience as it is an individual journey. But what if an individual lives in relative isolation, removed from society because of their misdeeds? Even in prison, yoga appears to improve lives.

A few inmates at the San Quentin State Prison in Marin County, California, have been engaging in regular yoga sessions, which they said have been helping them find peace and adopt a positive outlook, according to the Larkspur-Corte Madera Patch.

Instructor James Fox told the news source that his classes are a part of the Insight Prison Project, a nonprofit organization that aims to help convicts – many of them “lifers,” serving out permanent sentences – become more serene and responsible.

He has been leading yoga sessions in the penitentiary since 2002.

“Most people are disconnected from their emotional selves. They don’t understand their emotions and can’t express themselves in a skillful way,” he said, adding that this situation can be deleterious to mental and physical health.

Yoga may undo some of that harm. Several studies have indicated that yoga can help inmates relax and gain a better perspective of themselves and their lives.

May 11

Age limit? Dahn Yoga says no

The Dahn Yoga basics are made to be soothing, reinvigorating and low-impact, which effectively tailors them to people of almost all ages. Many news sources report that this trend is growing, and the San Mateo County Times is no exception.

The newspaper recently ran a profile of a yoga studio that caters to children and adults, as well as whole families. The California-based program not only offers instruction for children, but also teaches budding yoga tutors to teach kids themselves.

San Mateo resident Larry D’Arcangelis told the news organization that his son and daughter love the regimen, which keeps them healthy and entertained while giving him a real workout.

“[My daughter] has been practicing since she was about 2½ years old,” he told the newspaper. “Her sense of balance is amazing, she loves it.”

Practicing yoga may do more for kids than just keep them happy and fit. A study published in the Journal of Attention Disorders determined that the holistic mind-body regimen may serve as a complementary therapy for boys taking medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Choosing Dahn Yoga means more than helping a child optimize their wellness, though. The program offers families a community in which to grow and make lasting connections.

Apr 11

Dahn Yoga community launches health, news blogs

Spending time relaxing, posing, stretching and breathing deeply can help individuals of all ages and backgrounds loosen some of the tension in their bodies, which is why the Dahn Yoga basics offer countless exercises for the stressed. However, many Americans are unsure where to seek out Dahn Yoga, or which classes might be best suited to them.

With that in mind, Dahn Yoga and Health Centers recently debuted a number of regional blogs online. These websites detail where yoga centers may be found, as well as offer compelling personal accounts from members across the nation.

These inspiring and healing stories cover a range of life experiences, from basic relaxation after a difficult job to recovery after life-altering injuries or illnesses. Other members simply write about how their lives have taken on a new aura of peace and contentment that they never knew was possible.

These blogs are updated daily, often with articles written by Dahn Yoga members themselves. Additionally, yoga news from the community, the region, the state and international scientific studies often appears on these new sites.

Currently, Dahn Yoga blogs exist for 14 states, as well as Washington, DC.