Jul 11

Practitioner with brain tumor uses Dahn Yoga energy technique

Bette Castoria has a lot to be thankful for. Not only does she regularly relax with yoga in her own studio, but in June 2011 she reported that Dahn Yoga energy helped her relax after being diagnosed brain tumor.


Castoria has been practicing Dahn Yoga for years. In February, she felt nauseated during a yoga session, and later she had difficulty seeing while watching television.

An MRI scan later, clinicians told her that she had an inoperable tumor deep within her brain. While she was devastated, Castoria got word from Kim, her regional Dahn Yoga director, that her life particle training might now come in handy.

As Kim explains it in the short video, life particle energy consists of the visualization of small, healing, golden points of light that pervade the universe. She states that one individual can send these particles to another through touch, prayer or even by Skype.

The CEO of Dahn Yoga himself "sent her life particles every morning at 9:30 AM without fail," another practitioner reports.

How lucky is Castoria? A second MRI in May revealed that the tumor was gone. She credited Dahn Yoga for helping her stay strong and positive during this difficult experience.

Apr 11

Dahn Yoga announces latest ‘Meridian of the Month’

While Dahn Yoga has helped tens of thousands of Americans relieve their muscular tension and ease their mental stress, the regimen has the potential to accomplish much more than that. With some careful meditation and focused relaxation, along with stretching and body-tapping, practitioners of the discipline may open up blocked energy channels in the body.

As part of its Meridian of the Month series, Dahn Yoga has announced that April’s featured energy channel is the Spleen Meridian, also known as the “Inner Mother” for its wide-ranging ability to heal the body.

The spleen is involved in the creation and storage of red blood cells, and also plays a role in immune functions. Blockages in the Spleen Meridian can lead to loose bowels, inattention, memory difficulties and menstrual complications.

By rebalancing the flow of the body’s life energy, or Ki, through its meridian channels, individuals may find themselves feeling happier, healthier, less wound up and more at peace with those around them.

For the Inner Mother, leg squats are an effective exercise for reopening this channel, as is lying on one’s back, lifting one’s legs up 90 degrees and holding that position while breathing.

Using Dahn Yoga energy and meridian channeling exercises, yoga enthusiasts often find that heretofore unknown reserves of inner energy can be released.

Mar 11

Yoda Yoga? ‘Jedi’ temple teaches kids to balance life, wisdom and meditation

Talk about using the force. Among those who engage in Dahn Yoga, energy and vitality often increase with a practitioner’s ability to relax and explore themselves. To this end, instructors in Chile have begun offering Star Wars-themed courses in yoga, tai chi and martial arts for 6- to 12-year-olds, according to BBC Mundo.

Called the Jedi Temple, the school in Quilpue, Chile, uses motifs and garb from the popular movie series to convey the concepts of self-control, honor, wisdom and both mental and physical flexibility, the news source said.

The classes, which are currently only intended for children, also cover taekwondo and basic katana exercises, for which kids are issued plastic lightsabers in a variety of colors, BBC adds.

According to practitioners of Dahn Yoga, energy and spiritual force may be harnessed using little more than a simple, holistic mind-body system.

By stretching, breathing deeply, realigning one’s meridians, practicing tai chi and focusing inward, Dahn Yoga members both young and old can harness the spiritual energy that, as a notable Jedi says, “surrounds us and penetrates us.”