Jan 12

Yoga breathing for relaxation may reduce severity of side effects from breast cancer treatment

Breast cancer is one of the most common carcinomas in the U.S., second only to prostate tumors, according to the National Cancer Institute. Though many forms of breast cancer are treatable or even curable, the regimens patients undertake can come with awful side effects. Fortunately, stretching, posing, meditation and yoga breathing for relaxation all appear to reduce the severity of these problems.

The latest report to confirm this effect was recently published by a scientist at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University. The author, medical expert Karolyn Chang, reported that yoga-based therapies appear to soothe the nausea and fatigue caused by chemotherapy for breast cancer.

She noted that the source of this effect is unclear, but that it probably stems from yoga's mixture of mental health benefits, physical effects and social interactions.

Chang's results were based on a thorough search of the existing medical literature. She suggested that further research be conducted into the connection between yoga and relief from cancer treatment side effects.

By taking meditation courses, tai chi classes or Dahn Yoga Shim Sung instruction, women with health problems may be able to find some much-needed relief.

Oct 11

Dahn Yoga Brea California

Brea Dahn Yoga is a holistic health and training center located in downtown Brea, California. If you are interested in finding a workout that is mild and yet extremely effective, Dahn Yoga may be for you. To see for yourself, Brea Dahn Yoga is offering a free class on Saturdays.  This one-hour class is lead by a highly experienced and trained Dahn Yoga instructor who will showyou how easy, effective and soothing a Dahn Yoga workout can be.

Dahn Yoga is a unique Korean style of yoga that combines Tai Chi, Yoga, forms of meditation and acupressure.  To read about other’s experiences with Dahn Yoga you can visit their website http://www.dahnyoga/brea/


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Jul 11

Step back and take things easy with The Big Lebowski

Sometimes it's best not to get caught up in the rat race that is every day life, and even when it seems like the world may be closing in around you, keeping a level head is the best way to get through it. Dahn Yoga practitioners can achieve life balance through Dahn Yoga basics and also take a few lessons from the iconic film The Big Lebowski.

The Cohen Brothers directed this fan favorite, which follows the life of lovable slacker Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski, famously played by the incomparable Jeff Bridges. As The Dude unwittingly stumbles into a plot of mistaken identities, false kidnappings and the seedy underbelly of Malibu, a lesser man would have lost his cool. However, The Dude manages to keep everything in perspective and comes out no worse for wear.

Though it may appear to be a comedy, a lot can be learned by taking a few lessons from film. As he so famously put it at the end of the film, "The Dude abides," taking it easy and not letting the little things get to him. 

May 11

Secretariat is an inspirational movie based on real life events

Dahn yoga emphasizes personal growth as well as personal development. Secretariat, a movie about a championship horse, is such a story.

The Disney film is based on real life events, in which an unlikely horse named Secretariat went on to win the Triple Crown – all three major horse races in America.

The story is not just one about a surprising horse champion, but also about the horse’s owner, a woman named Penny Chenery.

In the movie, Penny is played by Diane Lane, who portrays a housewife with four children and a lawyer husband. Early on in the film, Penny learns that her mother has died, and she returns to her childhood home to find a grieving father, aging and unable to care for the horses that the family used to love and raise together.

It is up to Penny to grow as a woman and rediscover her love and talent for horse racing. She believes in herself and the ability of a new-born horse to win the championships, even when her own husband and brother have doubts.

Penny risks many things in order to pursue her dream and a life of her own. She succeeds in the end, and her name goes down in history as the owner of a horse who still holds many record times. Secretariat’s winning times at the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes are unsurpassed to this day.

Penny succeeded in inspiring her own children as well, through her determination and self growth.

May 11

Dahn Yoga could teach nurses about a different kind of healing

Many people in Dahn Yoga classes often want to help others with their emotional and physical burdens. This practice can be healing in a variety of ways, it is important that those who participate in yoga share its benefits with others.

A profession that could only be bettered with yoga is nursing. Now, Grand Canyon University announced that its master’s degree in nursing has received re-accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). The latest accreditation will be valid until June 2021 and academic officials are happy with the prospect.

“This accreditation reaffirms the high quality of our master’s degree in nursing program,” said Anne McNamara, dean of the college of nursing. “At GCU, we strive to prepare graduates to provide excellent, holistic care while encouraging a passion for achievement and a lifelong curiosity for knowledge. We’re so proud to say that we are accomplishing those goals.”

Those who practice yoga may be able to boost their skills as a nurse because they will be able to offer a sense of calm to patients.

May 11

Dahn Yoga could offer the focus needed to excel in online learning

Although online education has grown in popularity over the years, it sometimes takes a special kind of student to fully immerse her or himself into the program. Virtual learning takes self-discipline, it may be a good idea for individuals to practice Dahn Yoga in an effort to clear their minds and achieve a sense of focus.

The New England College of Business (NECB) announced that it will offer new concentrations to its online curriculum in order to meet the needs of students who are looking to study online but do not see a program that interests them.

The new online bachelor's degrees that are offered by the school include majors such as healthcare administration, internet marketing, entrepreneurship, human resources management, information technology management, supply chain management as well as specializations in green and sustainable studies.

Additionally, those who are looking to go back to school for a graduate degree but need an online option to fit their schedule can now attain a master's in healthcare administration or insurance through the school.