May 13

Yoga breathing exercises may help you eat right

Yoga breathing exercises are often used for relaxation, but did you know there is also yoga breathing for weight loss? According to WebMD, reports have shown that celebs such as Liv Tyler, Halle Berry, Madonna, David Duchovny, Christie Turlington and Jennifer Aniston have all practiced yoga to help keep them in shape. Furthermore, many athletes have reported that they do yoga to keep themselves fit in between games. 

My Health News Daily spoke to a number of health experts about how yoga can help individuals shed pounds. For example, the news source spoke to Beth Lewis, associate professor  at the University of Minnesota School of Kinesiology in Minneapolis, who explained that yoga can help increase your mindfulness about what you're consuming, and it may help you make better food choices. 

"Individuals may avoid foods that make them feel sluggish and lethargic (most processed foods). Instead,individuals will seek out foods that are healthier, which then may lead to weight loss," Lewis told the news source. "Additionally, many individuals eat more when they are feeling stressed and yoga can help combat stress, which can influence one's energy intake."

Aug 11

Victoria Beckham will use astrology, yoga breathing for weight loss

Yoga can be tailored to fit nearly anyone's personal growth and development goals. Children can practice meditation to stay calm, adults may try doing group yoga as a way to make friends and new mothers can use yoga breathing for weight loss. The latter is almost exactly what British designer and singer Victoria Beckham has decided to do, minus the astrology that she has reportedly thrown into the mix.

According to Now Magazine, the former Spice Girl and mother of four has decided to use "yogalosophy" to return to her pre-baby physique. The unique system is a combination of yoga and astrology, designed by Mandy Ingber, the yoga teacher of none other than actress Jennifer Aniston, the source stated.

This is not Beckham's first attempt at trying yoga – not by a long shot. The UK Daily Mail first reported that the starlet was trying yogalosophy in 2010, before she was pregnant with her newest baby, Harper Seven Beckham.

A source who knows the 37-year-old said that she adopted yoga as a way to stay trim and healthy, the newspaper added.

During her pregnancy, Beckham kept at yoga, though less as a weight loss method than as a way to stay active.

Now, she has gone back to yoga as a way to slim down. Now Magazine reported that the tired but happy mama is hoping to return to a size eight in time for Fashion Week.

The Independent added that Beckham hopes to be re-energized and comforted by yoga.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that doing yoga can boost energy levels, stabilize weight and even improve self-image and self-esteem.

Jul 11

After giving birth, supermodel does yoga breathing for weight loss

Yoga breathing techniques and stretching exercises have a lot to offer in terms of their ability to help individuals relax, re-energize their bodies and revitalize their minds. As such, people all around the world have looked into yoga breathing, poses and meditation as ways to try to keep themselves healthy and fit.

Take Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, who recently had a baby with her husband, actor Orlando Bloom. According to Gossip Center, the 28-year-old catwalk-walker has been using yoga to get into postpartum shape.

She is not one to wait around for life to come to her, either. In a recent interview with InStyle Magazine, Kerr – who is a Buddhist and near-daily yoga practitioner – told the source that she repeats a mantra as a way to affirm her calm commitment to living a happy life.

 "I am a healthy, vibrant being of love and light," she said, quoted by the magazine. Kerr noted that she feels "blessed" that she can bring her baby with her to work, essentially mixing family and career.

The model also engages in a rigorous workout schedule. Her trainer, Justin Gelband, told Cleo Australia that he and Kerr run up to five kilometers twice a week, plus much more.

"We go to the gym and will work with either boxing gloves, bands, resistor balls or medicine balls, plus we do some weight work for longer, leaner, sexier legs. Miranda does leg extensions, leg presses and calf raises," he told the news website.

With so much going on at once, Kerr admits to needing yoga to relax and reflect. She recently told Access Hollywood that the holistic mind-body regimen was her secret to maintaining a trim physique during and after pregnancy.

Kerr estimated that she had been doing weekly yoga exercises for more than 10 years, and she shows few signs of slowing down.